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IP सीसीटीवी इंनस्टॉलेशन with NVR एंड वायरलेस नेटवर्किंग कोर्स

IP CCTV Surveillance is advance technology of video surveillance, it can be say latest Generation of Surveillance Technology, Due to High resolution and Video clarity and multi integration facility its popularity day to day increasing., Day to day growth for the IP Surveillance is good indication for profitable market, Demand and supply have a co relation with each other as per the high demand of its expert supply also getting good amount of revenue.

COURSE CONTENT for CSS2 Course - What you learn ? 


Introduce to NVR

Introduce to HVR

Introduce to IP Cameras

Megapixel vs. TVL

IP Surveillance vs. Analog

Lens, Angle & degree, PCB, Sensor Intro.

Audio-Video compressions

IP Camera Installation with NVR & HVR

Hybrid video connection setup

LAN Cable making

PoE Concept

LAN Cable tracing/ testing

LAN Cable making

Range & Distance for LAN cabling

Encoding & DATA Bit rate Calculation

Optical vs. Digital zooming

IP Camera adding Manual & Automatic

Motion, schedule, Normal Recording

Finding IP, Gatway, for Unknown IP Camera

IP Camera Direct accessing & Configuration

Networking & Installation

IP CCTV Installation with NVR and HVR          

Introduce to IP & Protocols

IP Camera & NVR Matching

NETWORKING - Practical

Introduce to IP & Protocols

Introduce to types of networks

Network devices

Networking Devices

Cables color coding

LAN Network Setup

Intro. with DNS, DDNS, P2P

LAN Networking setup

DNS Networking

DDNS Networking

P2P Networking

Port Forwarding

DNS Networking

Network user Security setup

Port reply / block Check

configuration through remote viewing applications


Introduce to types of networks

Introduce to Servers

Network devices

Cables color coding

LAN Network Setup

WiFi IP Camera Installation

Intro. with DNS, DDNS, P2P

DNS Networking concept

Wi-Fi Networking concept

DDNS Networking concept

P2P Cloud networking

Device & Network User Security

Port Forwarding

Port reply / block Check

P2P Networking for Mobile & PC

NVR applications

           CMS/VMS Operation


Clarity & resolution

Data breakdown

Reflection & lightings

Data recording error

Hardisk error

Cable tracing

CCTV Fault finding

DVR fault finding

Date & time error

Network Errors

Port block check




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