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2- IP CCTV (Wireless and Wired) SYSTEM & NETWORKING CSS2  

IP CCTV& System compatibility matching parameters, Selecting Network Devises, 4 Line IP CCTV System installation including WiFi -Wireless and Wired IP Cameras (IR Dome, Bullet/ Box, 360°  VR Panoramic Fish eye Camera, PAN-TIL IP Camera) Practical Installation on Network Video Recorder (NVR), Hybrid video Recorder, connections over CAT6, Types of network switch & bandwidth calculation, Patch cord making and Testing on LAN tester device, IP Addressing, Wireless networking, Device tracing commands in CMD, CCTV System view on Mobile & computer by using Internet and without internet also, Special features -  Cable cut/ Video loss, hard disk full, video loss reporting on Email with attachment, Motion image upload on E mail id with image  attachment, Security architecture drawings & material arrangement audit calculation projects scenario, control the computer by any location through mobile or another computer,  Optical fiber & media converter concept

Four (4) Types of Networking Practically - IP & Subnetting with IP v4. Class A, B, C, LAN, DNS, DDNS, P2P, Port forwarding to Router and Port block test, Network Security settings, Networking troubleshooting.