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Analog सीसीटीवी इंनस्टॉलेशन, मेंटेनेंस, सॉफ्टवेर, एंड नेटवर्किंग कोर्स 

Analog Video surveillance is a foundation of surveillance technology, Video surveillance monitor the asset, property & entire location in front of camera and gives protection function, Due to cost effective & affordable analog Units its sales and installation day to day going in Upward direction that’s  good sign for fruitful business, Day to day its professionals demands also increasing due to its Job opportunities also come with attractive packages In India as well as foreign.CCTV Industry is India’s fastest growing industry with high revenue fruitful.

About Course CCTV Surveillance Security system installation & Wireless Networking is one of todays hottest career option for those who want to earn more or extra income by investing very less investment. Its give you opportunity to Earn more money in short term duration and visiting many places and meeting with variouse peoples.

Course content - What you learn ? 

Introduction and Practical Installation on all types of CCTV Cameras -
DOME, IR DOME, IR Bullet, Array & IR Cameras, Box, Mini Box, Varifocal, Spy hidden cameras, VR 360°Camera, PTZ Camera etc.

Which are all useful at shop, offices, buildings, corporate, mall, factories, railway stations, airports, transportation & shipping etc.

CCTV  Camera and DVR  Parts Introduction and Practically Assembling -

Camera IR & Array IR Circuite replacements for DOME & BULLET series cameras, Lense, PCB, DVR Motherbord installtion,

How to select right CCTV Camera, Where & which camera required ?

Camera Angle & Degree, about Lens size, PCB, Sensor, Analog vs. IP surveillance, TVL vs. Mega Pixel

CCTV Cabling with various connectors and Power Supply setup (Introduction and Practical)

How to select right CCTV Cable - RG Cables 11 /59 /6, CAT 5/ 6, Multi core CCTV camera signals & cores base cables

Connectors Installation on various Cables - BNC, DC, RCA, Video Balloon, RJ45 Patch cord for cat6,
SMPS selecting & installation Required power for various cameras


PTZ Camera Installation with Joystick controller

Practical installation and Funtions for Auto-Manual Preset call and Tour.

DVR System Introduction &  Installation with all types of CCTV Cameras

DOME, IR DOME, IR Bullet, Array & IR Cameras, Box, Mini Box, Varifocal, VR 360°Camera, PTZ Camera etc.

Spy Hidden Microphone Installtion for Voice recording with video - Audio-Video Recording

CMS Networking software installation in Computer/ Laptop

Video Footage Zoom -  Optical & Digital

DATA ENCODE: QCIF, CIF, D1, 960H, 720p, HDTVI / CVI, Data Encoding & Bitrates calculation

Digital Multimeter using (for voltage testing)


BNC mode, VGA mode, HDMI Mode,

BNC Lopper Installation, VGA Switch and Splitter Installation,

Multiple DVR Adding with Hardware and Networking method


Introduce to IP & Protocols, types of networks, Servers

Network devices, Cables color coding, patchcord making  & testimh

LAN Network Setup, Intro. with DNS, DDNS, P2P,

Network user Security setup

Port Forwarding and Port Teting for close / open Check

Configuration through remote viewing applications.


Clarity & resolution, Data breakdown, Reflection & lightings, Data recording error, Hardisk error, Cable tracing

CCTV Fault finding, DVR fault finding, Date & time error, Network Errors, Port error, Network range error, DMZ/NAT PF Check

Networking with server error,


Legal concept, About Marketing, Project analysis, Site survey & report making, Quotation making, Whole business cycle.

How to get deal in our favor. etc.


CSS 1+ CSS 2 + CCTV Operator Course 3 courses @ Affordable Fees

Helpline. 9619447939


Commonly asked genaral questions ?

What are the CAREER /SCOPES in this field ?
 With recent major technological advances ensuring that CCTV continues to play a major role worldwide in helping to combat with criminal and terrorist activity, it is not surprising that our CCTV training courses continue to be extremely popular. Our combination of classroom theory and ‘hands-on’ practical training courses will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the very latest advancements in CCTV technology. 
Our training courses cover the entire CCTV system planning and design process as well as the specification, installation, set up and maintenance of key system components such as cameras, WiFi IP Cameras, Networking, Fault finding & Troubleshooting, lenses, DVR, NVRs and cabling, Business Concept Etc.
Its Indias Fastest growing Industry and Highest paid profession, Now a days everywhere CCTV is compulsory for protection against Crime, Due to high demand of CCTV Experts high salary packages offering by Big/ small IT Companies In India as well as Foreign Countries and one of another option also welcome to you for Security industry means Own Business, i.e self Employment. 
How / Where to Earn: 
You can do Job with Good salary or Business for 
For New CCTV System/ Intercom/ Biometric/ Fire Alarm/ Video Door phone/ Intrusion Alarm system


(1) What is CCS1 means ?

Ans: CSS 1 is a course code for CCTV Surveillance system and 1 means its Level one, In this course you will learn all types of CCTV, DVR Installation along with cabling and connectors, CCS 1 Covers all models of Installation and Networking and Troubleshootings which are practicaly applicable for Office, Buildings, Shop, Home, Factories, Airports, Railways stations etc. along with Business Guidance. to know exact syllabus ckeck above link.

(2) What is CCS 2 means ?

Ans: CSS2 is a course code for IP CCTV Surveillance system and 2 means its Level Two, Its a much more Advance technology for Video surveillance system, In this course you will learn all types of IP CCTV, Wireless WiFi IP Cameras, Wireless Networking NVR Installation along with cabling and connectors, CCS 2 Covers all models of Installation and Networking and Troubleshootings which are practicaly applicable for Office, Buildings, Shop, Home, Factories, Airports, Railways stations etc. along with Business Guidance. to know exact syllabus ckeck above link.

(2) What is CCTV Operator means ?

Ans: CCTV Operator course cover all aspects Embedded Linux Operationg System which are maily used for All DVR, NVR, IP Cameras.

(3) What is MDS Security Course ?

Ans: MDS Security means Motion Detector Alarm Sytem base security, Now a days this security became very popular, MDS Security system help to protect Home, Office, Shop against Planned or Sudden robbery and attacks.

(4) What is VDP Security Course ?

Ans: VDP Security device hepls to know without opening home doors that who is stand in front of your door, by this device home owner can talk and watch outsiders.

(5) What is Bio-Matric Course ?

Ans: Bio matric system is useful to manage Time and Attendance for Scools/ college students, Office/ Company staff etc. Along with time and attendace management its usful for establishing authorize door access.

 (6) What is Course Fees, Time, Duration ?

Ans: As above mentioned for more details you can contact 09619447939

(7) What is scope after Course ?

Ans: There are lot of opportunities available in Job and Business, you can do job or Business and Earn more and more by doing New Installation, Sales, Service, Visits and AMC, Complete business guidance & support also given free with any course.

 (8) Why i join Only GLM Institute ?

Learn from more than 8 years highly experienced Electronic security professional faculty
After course lifetime Business & Technical Support and Guidance
Free Course repetition* Subject to availability of seats.
Complete know & how about Business
100% Job assistance for Best company
After course you will awarded with Govet. recognised TM based Certificate which is globally valid


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