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fire alarm course


FIRE ALARM SYSTEM (Conventional)

Fire Alarm Systems are used to protect life and property. It protects by detecting a fire at an early stage, ones you get informational alert so you have a option to take action that actually do fire alarm when fire. After completing this course you can Install this system at Buildings, Offices, Malls, Hospitals etc.

What you learn ?

  • Introduce to fire triangle and basic conceptual understanding for fire prevention and action
  • International Codes for fire panels and Fire class conceptual understanding
  • Introduce to fire alarm panel & Types of fire panel
  • Fire alarm system installation Planning and judgment
  • Required material for complete fire alarm system installation.
  • Introduce to types of smoke detectors, types of heat detectors, types manual call point, alarm siren, response indicators
  • Conceptual introduction for Special detectors (Gas, LPG, Beam, 4 wire base) installation with 24V output. By using Class B/B
  • Class B style C cabling Vs Class B style B cabling
  • Digital multimeter using for AC, DC, continuity and Ohms testing
  • Practical zone wise Installation for Fire Alarm Panel
  • Practical Installation for Heat detector, smoke detector, response indicators, manual call point and alarm siren by using class B style C cabling
  • NAC output mode setting - Temporal, steady, synchronized
  • NAC Inhbited
  • Auto Silence & time base silence
  • Zone Mode for Supervisory mode, Alarm mode, Walk test mode, Disable mode &  Fire mode
  • Supervisory mode setting
  • Change System Password, Admin, User
  • Practical on FIRE RELAY Contacts installation for Automatic door release when fire and integration with Biometric machine also.

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