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motion course


Motion detectors security is Inductor alarm based technology but its upgraded with GSM & PSTM networks these are the two model of alerts Trigger., Motion detector PIR provide security for PIR Protected zone when any unauthorized Activity happen in PIR protected ARM Mode area that time whole security System get active and trigger to Hooter, Call, SMS., for Call/SMS it works on GSM SIM and PSTM Line which need to install with Device.Recently this security rapidly growing for Banks, mall, Home, office etc.


  • Introduce to PIR Sensors
  • Introduce to GSM & PSTM Based panels
  • PIR Range & angles
  • PIR installation area & distance
  • Zone wise PIR Allocation
  • Wireless Zone setup for PIR
  • Wired hooter connecting
  • GSM and PSTM Panel operation
  • Call / SMS Number setting
  • Call cycles setting
  • Delay call & Trigger time setting
  • ARM & DISARM modes
  • Wireless Remote adding
  • Wireless  & wired Hooter Adding
  • Wireless PIR Adding
  • Wireless Remote resets
  • Wireless  Hooter resets
  • Wireless PIR resets

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